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The Victory System Basic

The Victory System Basic Package is basic in name only. The introductory environmental control unit (ECU) package has everything that you need to control five lights with GE wireless transmitters and receivers, one media center, and one door interface that can control three separate devices such as an automatic door opener, garage door opener, and video camera.


The basic package includes:


• 1 Victory Control Unit

• 1 Windows 8 Phone OR tablet with Victory Mobile Application

• 5 GE Wireless Transmitters and Receivers

• 1 Multimedia Controller

• 1 Door Interface

• 1 Desktop Microphone

• 1 PC software




Additional Options

Make the most of your Altorr Victory System environmental control unit (ECU) with the additional options that we have developed to help you establish full control of your home environment using voice commands.


• Additional Lighting Controls

• Additional Multimedia Controllers

• Additional Device Controller

• Electric Bed Controller

• Thermostat

• Video Monitoring

• Ceiling Fan Controller



We are always working on new and innovative peripheral products to expand the Victory System voice control capabilities. We can't wait to introduce our next project!


Coming Soon

• Automatic Door Lock

• Patient Lift

• Pool lift

• Bluetooth Sip n Puff






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