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Please take a moment to watch our video demonstration of the Victory System in action. We can help you to voice control your life.

The Victory System is the first product that Altorr is introducing to the market. It is a patented environmental control unit (ECU) that uses Altorr's unique speech recognition. It is designed to give physically challenged individuals the freedom to control their home environment through the use of simple voice commands. Now, our users can tell the Victory System to turn their lights on and off, change the channel and volume levels on their televisions and other entertainment devices, turn their fans on and off, change their thermostat settings, control their hospital beds, etc. Not only does this give our users expanded control over their home environment, but it also allows their caregivers to focus on more important, care-based aspects instead of spending their time doing menial tasks.


Our Victory System Mobile Application allows our users the ability to control their environment wherever they go without having to deal with bulky microphones. Mounted to a power chair, the mobile application becomes a mobile command center.


         Now Available on 3 Separate Platforms


Altorr is proud to announce that our software can now be used on 3 different platforms: desktop computer/laptop, Windows 8 phone, and Windows tablet. Mix and match as needed. Our diverse selection of control allows the user to customize their systems to suit their unique needs.


We look forward to helping people who require assistance to find more independence through the use of our technology.







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